Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My sad emoticon

The unthinkable happened.

You know the computer user adage to always back up your data? I do.

In fact, I was in the middle of uploading a few cartoons from my workhorse USB drive, after which I was going to make a backup. I stopped to take a break for just a minute.

That’s when it happened. My laptop hurled itself off the table and crashed onto the floor below!

Luckily, the laptop was fine.

That’s because the USB took the brunt of the blow.

The little indicator light on the drive flickered weakly as if to say goodbye, then shuddered and closed its eyes for good.


As a result of being unable to (a) upload everything and (b) backup the new stuff, I’m forced to take drastic measures. While I attempt to recover and recreate the gags that were lost (at least I still have the hard copies), I’ll be running some old favorites.

Give me a week or so, and we’ll stop the reruns and return to our regular programming.

Unless there’s someone out there who knows how to resurrect a damaged USB drive…?


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