Friday, August 24, 2012

And he responds to "fetch!"

In one of my districts we didn't have a puppy, but we did have a couple of pet goldfish, Stud and Bud. They only lasted a couple of weeks -- we didn't have much time to care for them (may they rest in peace).

This started out as a sketchbook drawing a while ago, but I kept thinking it deserved a promotion. By way of background, "golden" is missionary slang for someone who is interested in learning more.


  1. that was a groaner, but a good one at that . . . had to 'pin' it to share with my followers . . . thanks for the laugh! :)

  2. Oh, yes, a puppy would be a GREAT door approach...or out on a sidewalk where people might be walking by. A puppy ALWAYS gets attention! However, the maintenance might be too great of a price. Is that why the companion is rolling his eyes--or was it from the PUNishment?