My Books

That's One Small Step for a Mom, One Giant Leap for MissionarykindA collection of missionary-themed cartoons.

Cubs, Scouts and Zombies The title's self-explanatory.

Tastes Good With Giblets and Gravy BluesA delightful compilation Thanksgiving-themed cartoons.

Sis. Kerry Jo's Mission Blog, Vol. 1: I Miss Wearing My Dork Dot From putting in her papers to leaving for the mission field, follow Sis. Kerry Jo's adventures as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sis. Kerry Jo's Mission Blog, Vol. 2: The First Transfer is the Hardest — Sis. Kerry Jo's adventures continue as she learns about being a missionary far from home.

The Tale of Abooboo (with Christy Beckstrom) — What happens when young Abooboo has to choose between tending the farm or playing with his friends?

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