Thursday, June 7, 2012


We interrupt our regularly scheduled cartoon for a moment to pause and honor Ray Bradbury on the occasion of his passing. He was an amazing author, with keen insights and writing skills that transformed the genre. Fahrenheit 451 was one of my favorite books, and I enjoyed many of his other stories as well. He will be missed, but his work will live on.


  1. I love Ray Bradbury. In fact, I'm sure that anyone who read his short stories in junior high school loves him too.

  2. In case you're wondering, besides the fireman with the "451" helmet -- an obvious reference to Fahrenheit 451 -- there are also dandelions in the grass for Dandelion Wine, a storm brewing in the upper right corner for Something Wicked This Way Comes, and an alien for the Martian Chronicles. I thought about stretching it just a little bit with the fireman having tattoos to represent the Illustrated Man, but I thought that might be just a little too much.