Friday, June 28, 2019

Best Cubs ever!

It’s an older cartoon, but I want to take one more look at some of my scouting cartoons before it’s too late!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

These colors don’t run...outside the lines

What color is a fruited plain?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Putting on the uniform

Monday, June 24, 2019

Sketchbook: Called to visit

Remember when the angel told Alma that he was the one who visited him "with a voice to shake the earth"? It got me wondering whether other angels got assigned to visit the same people again — and how frustrating that would be for on the one who got sent to visit Nephi's brothers all the time!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How will I know?

Nothing says love like pixels placed in the imaginary shape of an internal organ.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

No time to knock

A set of missionaries with whom I am acquainted were talking about how busy they were. They'd had more than eighteen appointments so far that week, and were busy rushing from one appointment to another.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Sketchbook: So long, Bob!

In anticipation of July and Pioneer Day, I was pondering upon crickets. My mind started to wander to a winder set of members of the insect kingdom. One thing led to another, and here we are... with one that stays in the sketchbook!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

History's mysteries

Of course these days the requirements for a license are much more stringent than they used to be.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019

Sketchbook: An Ammon story

This one came super close to being a fully-realized cartoon, but I had trouble visualizing how to represent the disarmed people in a somewhat tasteful way. In the sketchbook it stays!

Saturday, June 8, 2019


While rare, emergency transfers can be rough on everyone. An emergency transfer usually occurs when a missionary has to go home for some reason. For example, an elder in my district had to return home for three weeks because his mother was sick (it was complicated). His companion was ET-ed to my companionship, and we were in a trio for (a very long) three weeks!

Friday, June 7, 2019

A fitting end

Graduation was last night, and it’s one more week of school for everyone else. Talk about enduring to the end!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Lehi's journeys

Desert. Dessert. Desert. Know the difference.

In case you're wondering, it's Umpqua brand, strawberry flavor.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Endless summer... camp

As the school year comes to a close around here, it's time to start thinking about summer activities. For many of our Young Men, this summer could be the last chance they get to go to Scout camp.

Be that as it may, there are many of us who have fond memories of the Scouting program. In fact, many of those memories are included in my new collection, Cubs, Scouts and Zombies! Grab a copy for your favorite Scouter — or zombie — today!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019

I have a dream

Do you ever have those recurring dreams, where you know you've dreamed the same thing before?