Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another caption contest!

It's time for another caption contest!

I somehow forgot the absolutely brilliant caption I had for this cartoon, so now I'm calling on you for help — plus you could win a valuable prize if your caption wins!

You can submit your idea in the comment section below, send it in by email or message me some other way.

Give it a shot! If you don't enter, you can't win!


  1. When you are reading a book and suddenly see the names "Marinette" and "Chat".

  2. That feeling you get when you find your name in the scriptures -- and you discover they're talking about a bad guy!

  3. "Was I reading before bed or early morning seminary - I don't remember...

  4. After spending the entire school year chasing scriptures for scripture mastery, Matt vowed never to let them go!

  5. Brother Jones, suffering from an acute muscle cramp, resolves to never again use his large-print quad the next time he sings Scripture Power.

    After a tiring day in Primary, Brother Jones wakes up from his Sunday nap to find himself singing Scripture Power in his sleep.

  6. "Maybe I'd feel more 'scripture power' if I remembered to read BEFORE I got into bed!"