Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello, my name is...

It seems like Good Heavens has been getting a little ahead of itself. Yeah, we met Jack...but who is that other guy who's always telling him what to do? This strip clarifies all that. It's Gustav, Jack's personal guide to the hereafter.

It occurred to me that things could be just a little disorienting when one gets to the other side. It might take a little time to adjust and get one's bearings. I'm sure there are friends and family there who'll be happy to see you (see April 29), but they'll have their own stuff to deal with. And of course there's probably some paperwork involved, so why not have someone there to help you along?

This strip falls in at No. 5 in the series, right after Jack visits the Complaint Department (June 7). That should help clarify things from here on out.

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