Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tour de what?

I couldn't let the Tour de France pass by without at least a mention of Biko Gecko. He was a character we created at UDOT to promote bicycle safety. My then boss, Kim Morris, was an avid cyclist (or, as some would say, nut job) and there was a real need to promote bicycle safety. We created a coloring book aimed at the elementary school crowd that would teach kids the basics of being safe on a bike. Biko was a good example; he was contrasted with his nemesis, Bonko, who did everything wrong and always wound up getting hurt.

We completed a draft of the coloring book, but there were issues that came up and the project was shelved. I still use it to teach my Cub Scouts. Who knows? We may see more of Biko and Bonko in the future.

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