Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Mines of Moriah

Anyone who has been a scout has stories of camping. Some of them are funny. Some are downright horrific. Some, like the Orc Trek, are excellent.

In the name of two-deep leadership, I volunteered to go along. My son Sam was going, too, which was another really good excuse to go on what promised to be a great adventure. We set up base camp near Mt. Adams, just across the Columbia River in Washington, and from there we explored a series of caves — caves with exotic names like “Dead Horse Cave.” Most of the trip was scrabbling around dark, dank and musty caves, like Orcs. And, being scouts, by the end of the trip they smelled just like Orcs, too! Unlike Orcs, we didn’t dine on man flesh. Rather, we had Dutch oven barbecued ribs. Mmm!

With the help of my two young apprentices, Sam and Ben, we created this trip logo and made up a couple of T-shirts. Great trip!

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