Saturday, January 19, 2013

Caption contest!

OK, I'm going to try another one. I made a nice little hockey gag based on the NHL labor dispute. Then they went and resolved it before it ran, so the cartoon was outdated.

The original caption had something to do with using NHL players in their game at the local pond. But now it needs something new, so I turn to you, dear readers, for your input. What should this cartoon's caption be? Leave a comment, send an email, or let me know some other way.

At the very least, the winner will get a mention when the new, improved cartoon runs again next Saturday. Enter early and often!


  1. The first two have rolled in:
    "We have a better record than anyone in the NHL...for now,"
    "Our team will take on anyone -- except for the girl's team. They have cooties,"

  2. Using snowballs as pucks has its pros and cons. On the one hand, they keep breaking up every time I hit them; but on the other hand, I scored a hat trick with a single shot.