Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It's hard to comprehend what happened just a few days ago in our Roseburg, a city just a few hours south of here. We were shocked and stunned at the tragedy.

I'm reminded of what Mr. Rogers is quoted as saying: "Look for the helpers." In other words, look for the people who are doing good things — the first responders, medical personnel, the people who brought food and water to the students and faculty who were evacuated, the thousands who have offered love, prayers and support to the community.

One of our local high schools sponsors a marching band competition each year, the Pacific Coast Invitational. That happened this past weekend. Roseburg was among the high school bands invited to participate. However, all extracurricular activities were canceled for the week at their school. About half of the band members decided to come up to the the competition anyway — not to perform, but to show their support for the other bands.

The 11 other schools presented the Roseburg contingent with a huge poster signed by every single member of the other participating bands to show their support. And although the Roseburg band didn't play, they were presented with the Spirit award and received a standing ovation from all who were in attendance.

Thoughts and prayers may seem simple, but they are powerful. Don't forget to pray.

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