Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top of the Others

You may know that I run a couple of other cartoon blogs: Sis. Kerry Jo's Mission Blog; Good Heavens, and Zarahemla Times. Here are the top three for each of those.

Sis. Kerry Jo
Even though Sis. Kerry Jo is home now, she still posts occasionally. Some posts are about present-day goings on, some are mission flashbacks. One series this year was about a country-wide mission reunion (that's the national anthem in the middle panels).

Good Heavens
It was a rough year for Good Heavens. There got to be so many disasters, deaths and depressing topics that I had to take a breather for a while. Two of the top favorites, though, were ripped from the headlines: David Bowie and Alan Rickman both passed away within a week of each other, and the response to the Orlando nightclub shooting struck a chord.

Zarahemla Times
It's a long story with many moving parts, but Zarahemla Times has mostly been in reruns this year. Nevertheless, here are the top three from ZT.

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