Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yeah, it's a dad joke.

Today is National Tell A Joke Day (who knew, right?). So with the eclipse coming up on Monday, we thought we'd play off of that just a little bit.

Plan ahead!


  1. What did the American tourist hear his Dutch friend say when he introduced him to his daughter and a cat came up? "Haircut".

    What did American hear his somewhat vague Dutch friend answer when asked what made the shrieking, guttural roar? "Dat is een dier"

    -note: not intended to be racist. I've just been learning Dutch. If you were offended and would like a written apology, or you just like receiving written apologies, comment about it below.

    Did you see the video of a man riding a deer? I hear he made it because he had a broken hart!

    1. actually, I would like to apologize (I submitted the above comment). I've been learning Dutch and upon further research have learned that misunderstandings such as these are unlikely to happen, as the majority of the Dutch speak English, and are very considerate of foreigners. I'm sorry.

    2. As a generalization, I suppose it is racist. But that's not how you presented it. I think it's fine.