Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Another Public Service Announcement

This is one of the biggest travel days of the year, so it's time for another safety message (brought to you courtesy of the Oregon Department of Transportation). One of our public information officers decided to make this year's Thanksgiving safety message in the form of a rhyme. I thought it should be illustrated, kind of like the poems you might see in Mad Magazine. That idea evolved into this.

Here we present the not-yet-a-classic poem, "Giblets and Gravy."

Giblets and gravy!
Traffic’s plum crazy
Bumper to bumper
On Interstate 5.

Grandma is calling,
“Where are you darling?
You’re missing turkey
trimmings, pumpkin pie!”

Everyone’s anxious
Fidget my spinner!
Thanksgiving dinner
Could start without us!

Grandma is dumbstruck,
“You’re stuck in gridlock?
“Well, didn’t I say
Come here yesterday?”

Up from the back row
Her granddaughter cries
“Oh, Grammy, I know!
But I’m just pint-sized!”

Reckless motorist,
Driving distracted,
Impatient and brash,
Instigates a crash.

You’re sitting, waiting,
Quite ascertaining
Oregon’s traffic
Fluid dynamics.

Traffic comes to crawl
Past the messy wreck’s
Bottleneck effect
Clean-up ‘til nightfall!

Pledge this Thanksgiving,
Be wise, forgiving,
Check conditions on
TripCheck (511).

Grandma will tell you
Leave early, slow down,
She wants to see you (and so do we),
Arrive safe and sound.

Rather than just be illustrated, however, we decided it would be better as a video message. And, as a side note, doesn't Grammy look like she may have wandered over from the Mormon Cartoonist's site?

Anyway, be safe as you travel this weekend, wherever you may be!