Friday, June 29, 2018

Uphill both ways

Earlier this year I was contacted by a representative of the Surprise Stake from Surprise, Arizona. They wanted to know if they could use some of my trek cartoons to help publicize their youth pioneer trek.

Why not? I love it when people ask!

As a result, I was looped in with a backstage pass to see how they got the kids ready. It was fun to see the different activities they had: a pioneer fashion show, square dancing lessons, tips for packing and preparing physically, "family" home evenings. It almost seemed like it would be a fun experience!

When our stake did their first trek many years ago, fun was a little further down on the agenda. They wanted the kids to have a real pioneer experience — right down to real pioneer food! They drew the line, however, at being chased out of town by an angry mob.

A pioneer trek can be a cool experience, and helps put the whole westward exodus in a different perspective. Trek on!

Check out the Surprise Trek site. It's pretty awesome! And thanks, Sis. Crockett, for asking to share my cartoons!

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