Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Go ye therefore

Luckily this one is not based on personal experience!

Have you had the experience of reading the newspaper comics and noticing that some of the gags have similar themes? It happens more frequently than you might expect. So it strikes me as funny when the Ward Cartoonist and I have cartoons that are similar in subject matter that run around the same time. It occurred with gags about square dancing on trek (his and mine). It just so happens that a couple of days ago, he ran one about bad smells — not a topic often covered in the scriptures or at church. The subjects are different, but the theme of stink is crucial to the gag. It's an odd phenomenon.

Now that I've mentioned it, you'll probably see it happening all the time now. You're welcome!


  1. We keep coming up with the same themes because I shamelessly steal from you.

  2. You know how in the movies they say, "Adapted from the novel by..." That's what I'm going to do now whenever a gag is "inspired" by your work!