Friday, May 9, 2008

Go, Speed Racer!

A new law went into effect this year to restrict drivers under 18 years old from using cell phones (or PDAs or whatever) while driving — except in an emergency. We used posters as part of the media mix in announcing the new law.

This is one of the posters that we selected to announce the teen driver cell phone ban (I have to give credit to Sam for the manga concept). I like it because it’s way different than most of the information posters at DMV, so it really stands out. When we test marketed this one, we got really good feedback. And with the Speed Racer movie coming out this weekend, it seems appropriate.

Just a note on one of the subtleties of this one: the cascading text in the bottom portion spells out the message in leet (or 1337 to believers).

Download poster (PDF)

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