Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Providing motivation

This is from a Christmas card we gave out from the Community Relations Office at UDOT. It opened up to read: "Merry Christmas from Santa's little helpers!"


  1. My name is Rebecca Parker and I work for the Utah Department of Transportation Community Relations office as the Web Coordinator. I
    found your blog post from today which contained a cartoon from a Christmas card our office sent out. I am curious about the origin of
    this cartoon. We have not sent out Christmas cards for as long as I have been here. The post sounds like you were involved in our office, did you work in UDOT CMR office in the past? I'm just looking for a little clarification as to how we were involved.

    Thank you,
    UDOT Web Coordinator

  2. I worked in the Community Relations Office for the Utah Department of Transportation for about a dozen years, during the Hurley - Findlay - Zwick period. For a couple of years, while Kim Morris was Community Relations director, we sent out Christmas cards to our business partners and a few media contacts.