Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Orthanc, the impenetrable

As a missionary, you get to know the standard responses of when people don't want to let you in. One of the most common excuses we ran into was, "The baby is sick!" Although there were many who said (above the noise inside), "No one is home" or "We already talked with you." That's one of the reasons missionaries much prefer to teach people rather than just knock on doors. That and there could be an evil wizard inside. You never know!


  1. On my mission in Venezuela when we'd knock on doors and someone from behind a closed door would shout "No hay nadie!" (Nobody's home!)

    One day we were knocking door and got the familiar response. This time I thought I'd be a little smart-alecky and I shouted back "Then who's talking?"

    There was a brief pause and then came the answer: "Esta es una grabaciĆ³n." (This is a recording).

  2. My favorite is that you hear people behind the door say "shh. it's the missionaries," then it falls dead silent. sometimes I wonder if I should have just kept knocking anyway...

  3. I had a few people actually look through the window, and still not answer the door.