Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Sketchbook: Taking in the sights

Before we left on our trip, we had my buddy Gary (of newsphotography:exposed fame) give a short workshop on improving one's photographic skills. As a newsphotographer, one of the points he makes is that "every photo should tell a story."

Well, there was this one waiter at our hotel in Florence who made several of the girls all a-flutter, if you know what I mean. The night before we left, we talked him in to posing for a couple of pictures for us. One girl stood apart from the group, yet still had her camera and was still taking pictures.

I asked her, "How could you get a picture of his face from where you were standing?"

She smiled at me a little sheepishly and said, "I didn't want a picture of his face!"

'Nuff said about that!

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