Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Countdown: Honorable Mentions

I usually call these my runners up, but this year I thought "Honorable Mentions" might be more accurate as these are some that have special significance to me.

No. 5 - One of the oldest ladies in our ward, Marjorie, passed away in May. She was well into her 90s, yet she always told the bishop that she was willing to do whatever was needed. She was awesome. I ran this cartoon on the day of her funeral, and it got way more hits than I anticipated.

No. 4 - I have a couple of other cartoon blogs that I draw. This one is from Good Heavens, which is set in the afterlife, and honors author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, who also passed away in May.

No. 3 - The other strip, Zarahemla Times, went through a transformation this year, changing from a "daily" size to a "Sunday" size, and going from black and white to color. This is one of the first ones that ran after the change.

No. 2 - Call me a geek, but I really like Pioneer Day. I'm sure that it is in part due to my heritage -- my ancestors helped establish a lot of the early Mormon Pioneer settlements, both in Utah and in Canada. This is a Pioneer-themed cartoon that probably won't run anyplace else, but it's one that I really like!

No. 1 - As faithful readers may know, we took a group of high school French students to Europe this spring -- most of whom were lovely young ladies. This particular cartoon is based on an experience one of our girls had during a nighttime cruise on the Seine in Paris.

Tomorrow: Part 1 of the 2012 Top Ten!


  1. Do you allow people to put your fun pioneer cartoons in trek journals?

  2. Perfect! Thank you so much.