Sunday, October 6, 2013

Special Sunday edition of the Monday Sketchbook: General Conference

The first session was awesome. There were so many good messages -- and so many memes! I liked Elder Soares' story of attending church outside the window, and Sis. Stevens' story of visiting the families in Honduras ('cause that's where Sis. Klein is serving as mission mom).

In the afternoon, I thought that Elder Christofferson had a very good message, and it was fun to hear from Elder Nielsen. Elder Holland addressed a very important topic: mental health. I'm glad he addressed it head on.

Priesthood was awesome as always! Our family liked the reference to Jean Valjean. During Elder Funk's talk I couldn't help but think of that old Zest jingle, "You're not fully clean until you're Zest-fully clean!" Repentance just seemed to fit. Pres. Uchtodorf did a great job of delivering the line: "I'd fallen, and couldn't get up." Pres. Monson, as usual, had some great stories. I liked his quote from Pres. McKay -- and I liked how the sketch of him turned out in my notes. I almost felt guilty about doing drive-by home teaching last week, but our families knew we were doing it.

Saturday's sessions are archived already, just in case you missed them. Be sure to listen to General Conference today. And stay tuned tomorrow for Sunday's notebook!

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