Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking back on my mission, I can see the sacrifices the Korean missionaries made -- the biggest being, perhaps, putting up with the Americans! We didn't think twice about celebrating Thanksgiving, even though the Korean Thanksgiving, Chusok, happened earlier in the fall. We knew we were going to feast, and if we lived close to a military base, we'd find a member to treat us to turkey and pumpkin pie.

To the Koreans, it was just another day. To the Korean missionaries, it was another day to indulge the foreign missionaries and put up with their strange food and traditions one more time. We even made them play football!

Sis. Kerry Jo has the right idea here, treating her companion to a special snack that they sell on the streets of Korea: boendegi, a steamed silkworm pupae served in a cup. They're supposed to be healthy -- full of protein and other good things.

I tried them, once. I was brave and stalwart with the first one (it tasted a lot like warm dirt). The real challenge was eating a second one! The Koreans who were with me were impressed. And having eaten them once, I never had to do it again!

Happy American Thanksgiving to you, and may all your day be full of gratitude!

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