Monday, December 30, 2013

The Runners Up

Here are the Top Five (six, actually -- you'll see) Runners Up for the year. They all have stories that go along with them.

No. 5
My cousin had a friend ask if she knew me, and the friend was thrilled to find out that the answer was yes. So as a favor to my cousin, I did a cartoon that featured her friend. Convoluted? Perhaps. This garnered the most Google+ shares of any cartoon from this year.

No. 4
Don't you hate it when you draw a nice cartoon and then forget what the caption was supposed to be? That happened to me a couple of times this year. This was the winning caption, coming in from a reader in the Great White North.

No. 3
It's unusual for a gag that's already run several times to make a resurgence, but that's what happened with the No. 3 cartoon. I reached the milestone of 2,000 entries on my blog, so I ran this one to mark the event -- my first cartoon ever published. Despite being a decade or two (or so) old, it still holds up.

No. 2 (tie)
Missionaries are always popular here. This year we sent off one of our own. Only problem was, he packed his brother's suit instead of his own. Here's what happened on both sides.

No. 1
And speaking of missionaries, Sis. Kerry Jo got her mission call this year! It started out as a storyline in 121 and spun out of control. Sis. Kerry Jo has her own missionary blog and her own Pinterest following. Be afraid!

Tune in tomorrow for the first five of the Top Ten for 2013!


  1. These are all fine candidates for a top ten list. The fact that none of them made that list highlights what a good year it's been for Beckstrom Buzz. Thanks for all the laughs.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Bishop! I hope you still find the time to share your talents as well!