Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stop it.

There's a Mormon Message that's making the rounds on social media. It's based on Pres. Uchtodorf's message of "Stop it!"

As I watched the video, I was reminded of a series I did in Zarahemla Times a couple of years ago that's about the same subject. I felt impressed that I should run the series here as well.

In the video, the kid who is doing the harassment in school is later shown at a church service project, where he behaves like an angel. His justification for his meanness was that it was funny -- to him. But to the one on the receiving end, it was very hurtful. If you haven't yet seen the video, I highly recommend that you watch it.

It's often a fine line between the two. I do my best to steer clear of hurtful humor in my cartoons, but still there are those who find offense. My goal is to have humor that is uplifting; I think that my cartoons are one way to share my testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ.

For the next few days I'll be running this series. It's meaningful to me. I hope you join me for the ride.

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