Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 in Review: The best of the rest

Long time readers know that I have a few other cartoon blogs. These are my favorites from Good Heavens, Zarahemla Times and Sis. Kerry Jo's Mission Blog.

Good Heavens
1. The ALS ice bucket challenge was everywhere this year.

2. There's always bad news, and 2014 had plenty. But amidst all that, there's the consistency and refuge of baseball!

3. The Olympics are as popular in heaven as they are down here!

Zarahemla Times
1. I've often heard the advice to take my problems to General Conference to find my answers. It doesn't always work like that!

2. Never underestimate the skills of the high priests.

3. In Zarahemla Times, the youth went on a trek, replicating Lehi's journey...

Sis. Kerry Jo's Mission Blog
1. The Dear Leader of North Korea wanted to learn more about the Church after watching a bootlegged copy of "Meet the Mormons." His agent tracked down our sisters.

2. The spirit is willing, but the language is week.
"Hello?" "Hello!"

3. There were some companionship issues with Sis. Han early on...
Tune in tomorrow for the best from the sketchbook!

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