Sunday, March 1, 2015

We have a winner!

I have to say, this was the toughest caption contest we've had yet! Our esteemed panel of judges narrowed it down to three — worthy candidates all! — and voted for this one. This caption was submitted by faithful reader Sam Bradshaw. It would cause any missionary to panic!

Thank you to all who submitted ideas. There were some really good ones (and a couple of scary ones, too!) that I might steal use for upcoming gags. And when that happens, I promise I'll give you full credit (or blame, as the case may be). Alice's is already on the drawing table.

Thanks once again!

- Kevin


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    1. Hey, if you're interested in an amazing prize (a t-shirt), drop me an email and we'll get it figured out: zarahemlatimes (at)

      Good job!