Friday, March 1, 2019

The fam, the myth, the legend

True story. In two generations, one of my lines goes from being knights and ladies, kings and queens, to being Norse gods — and they use mythology as a reference.

And, yes, I am descended from Thor. Loki was adopted.


  1. FYI, if you run into clearly questionable stuff like that on your family tree, on every person's FamilySearch page, on the right sidebar under "Tools", there's an option to report abuse and the FamilySearch team will get it taken care of for you. :)

    I once had a family line in my tree where someone had seriously inserted at least ten completely bogus generations of placeholder last names ("Mr. Berg" and "Mrs. Berg") with birth and death dates all ending in the same numbers, and they even started spelling the last name backwards ("Mr. Greb") just to mix it up a little. Ah, the pros and cons of a collaborative global family tree...

  2. I’ve seen those sorts of lines before. I even found a line that went back to Adam, then included God the Father then included someone higher than Him!