Saturday, December 31, 2022

The 2022 Top Ten, part 1

Here we go with the countdown, starting with...

No. 10: When it's a counting month, a good ward clerk will leave no stone unturned!

No, 9: What better combination than fusing the Great British Bake Off and missionary meals? And, yes, all of these made it to my plate at some time over the course of my mission.

No. 8: What girl could say no to a dozen camels?

No. 7: Our ward held a dinner and auction to raise funds for youth camps and EFY. One of my contributions was for the winner to be included in a cartoon. This also ran in Meridian Magazine, much to the delight of the family!

No. 6: This was based on a real experience of one of my friends. It really happened.

Tomorrow: the rest of the Top Ten. Let's be safe out there!

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