Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday sketchbook: the guy in the red shirt

Since Zach is heading out this week, I thought I'd run a few cartoons that remind me of him. Although he's not really a Trek fan, this one seems to be his type of humor. He's got kind of an alien brain, I guess.


  1. Hi Kevin
    I stumbled across your blog on LDS BLOGS. I thought you mighe be interested in a site my wife and I just built called, which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to feature any of these videos on your blog, or just share them with non-member friends. We're hoping these videos will be missionary tools to help members share their beliefs. Anyway, sorry to spam your comments section. I couldn't find any contact information for you on your blog.

    - Doug & Laurel

  2. Oh! Best wishes for the missionary - here's to two years of anticipating EMAIL :)