Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watch out...

This was the very first strip of Explore Provo, the comic strip I did for the Utah Department of Transportation a few years ago. OK, several years ago. It was part of our public information/public outreach for a project that replaced the road surface right through the heart of downtown Provo during the spring, summer and fall. We worked with the city and the downtown business alliance to come up with a public information campaign, which included ads, posters, signs PSAs and lots of other materials (this was in the days before Web sites, blogs or podcasts - I told you it was a while ago!).

Anyway, I'm not running this today because of any road project. I'm running it because this is the day that Zach enters the MTC (and then from there to Tempe), and I only think it's right to give them fair warning: He's coming!

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