Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just like mom used to burn!

This is one lesson most missionaries learn quite quickly: it's far better to have a companion who can cook that one who can't!

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  1. Falling into a black hole: "spahettification"
    Once you pass the horizon -- or go over Niagara Falls, in the waterfall analogy -- you would be falling faster than the speed of light toward the black hole's center -- called a singularity -- and feeling the effects, Hamilton said.

    "The gravity at your feet is stronger than the gravity at your head, as long as you fall in feet first. ... You feel this difference in gravity between your feet and your head as a tidal force, which pulls you apart vertically in a process called 'spaghettification,' " Hamilton writes.

    "At the same time as you are pulled apart vertically, you are crushed in the horizontal direction, like a rubber band being pulled. So if you would like to be taller and thinner, then one way to achieve that is to fall into a black hole."