Wednesday, November 25, 2009

That gratitude attitude!

We did a gratitude jar last year. We asked people to write something they were thankful for on a slip of paper and then place the paper in a jar. At the end of the day while we sat around the table with our pumpkin pie, we opened up the jar to see what people had written. One of the cool (and unexpected) surprises we found was that there were very few slips of paper that listed material things. Most were centered around love, friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

There are a lot of others who I am thankful for — folks I’ve never even met! All those people over in the followers column:
  • Felix and Ava have been keeping an eye on things here and in northern California for quite some time;
  • Simone from Brazil; and
  • mystery man Eric.

Over on the Zarahemla Times side of things, there’s

My gratitude also goes to the Williams sisters who were among the first “strangers” to share some of my cartoons.

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  1. And thank you very much for your effort and talent being used to entertain a bunch of strangers. :)