Saturday, November 7, 2009


I guess this might be classified as more of an editorial cartoon. There was a clinic at the high school a couple of days ago. There were a lot of people who showed up to get the vaccination. There were also a lot of people who swore they wouldn't get the vaccination because of all kinds of irrational fears about it. But like my buddy Kristin says, "Just get the shot already!"


  1. Brotha Beckstrom, I luv your comics! I think they are so true to life with a twist of humor! My son loves them, and has taken a interest i n drawing the speakers during sacrament. He is nine and like his mother easily distracted, so I attribute his most interest in sacrament these days to you and your blog!!! Thank You

  2. That's probably the best and nicest comment I've ever received on my blog! That's how I started out, drawing the folks in sacrament meeting (and I often still do!). And I'm humbled to have achieved true brothahood!