Friday, July 16, 2010

Tour de Bonko

July is full of traditions!

Besides Independence Day, Bastille Day, Pioneer Day and birthdays, it's also the month of the Tour de France. So once again in the name of tradition, we present a page from the adventures of that dynamic duo, Biko Gecko and Bonko. Biko follows the rules of safe cycling; Bonko does not. That's Bonko you see flying over his handlebars.

B&B were created at the Utah Department of Transportation to help teach about bicycle safety. Unfortunately, our funding dried up before we could go to press. As a result, the complete coloring/activity book was never published, but it has been photocopied several times.

I chose this particular illustration because there have been a ton of crashes in the first few stages of the Tour this year. One was caused not by an open door, but by a dog running into the pack.

Remember, be safe as you bike. Watch out for open doors. And dogs.

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