Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh! Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

When I was about eight years old, our family took a summer vacation trip to Canada to visit our relatives in Alberta. My mom, who was Canadian, always told my brother and me the stories of how cold it was up north and how much snow they had.

Well, being eight years old, I expected to see a wall of ice and snow running along the border. Forget that it was August! Canada was supposed to be cold!

I was disappointed that all there was at the border was a guy in a booth with the ol' Maple Leaf flag waving over it. No lumberjacks. No beavers. No glacier.

However, during our stay in Waterton National Park (just over the border from Glacier) it snowed. Not much. But enough to convince me that my mom's stories were true!

Happy Canada Day, eh!

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