Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lost in Translation (director's cut)

For you keen-eyed observers, this may look familiar. I ran this way back a long time ago when I first started this blog.* It's not that I'm being lazy. Quite the contrary. It's just the gag that is the same; the drawing is different. I have a project under way that requires re-working some of my older drawings, so I'll be posting a smattering of them on here from time to time. You probably won't even notice unless I call them out. Back when this one originally ran, for example, I think I had three readers of my blog -- if you count our Lab -- so you probably didn't see it the first time around. In other news, this month I have another special project going on over at Zarahemla Times. For the month of June I'll be running two cartoons a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. And while you're at it, pop over to the Zarahemla Times Facebook page and give it a "like." I'll be glad you did! *It also ran in the New Era sometime after my mission, if that helps at all.


  1. Two posts a week at Zerahemla Times? When you're already posting seven times a week to this site and another strip every week at Good Heavens? Way to make the rest of us cartoonists look lazy.

    Good luck with your secret project. I hope we'll hear more about it soon.

  2. I've sent a few of your cartoons in letters to my missionary son. They really, really brighten up his day. However, I was wondering how you felt about this, and if you wanted to be recompensed or if you would prefer that I don't copy and paste them into my letters.

    Thank you,

    Marie Lund

  3. Arie - Your stuff is too good, I can't make it look bad! And the project isn't anything secret, and I hope to be able to say something soon enough... Not that I mean to be cryptic, but it's too early to give any details. Is that ambiguous enough?

    Marie - The whole copyright thing can get a little tricky. You're fine dropping them in a letter to a missionary, putting one on the refrigerator, or using one to cover a spot on your cubicle wall - I'm happy to share. If you plan on publishing them someplace, however, we'd need to talk. Thanks for asking!