Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebration time!

Many of the missionaries featured in my cartoons are representative of real missionaries I have known: companions, my sons' companions, missionaries serving in our area, etc. Most of them are (or were) pretty awesome; others may have inspired awe in one way or another.

Go, missionaries!


  1. What was he celebrating? (I didn't serve a mission, so there's a lot about missionary life I don't know.)

  2. He's been out for a year, commonly referred to as "hump day."

  3. I do a ward newsletter and with permission have used cartoons from the Mormon Cartoonist. Do you allow your cartoons to be used in Ward Newsletters?
    Thank you
    Sue Lambrix
    Napa CA

    1. Sue, I'm happy to let you use my cartoons in your ward newsletter. Thank you for asking!