Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family ties, or thanks, Dad!

When my son was little (like maybe two years old), he wanted to wear a "real" tie, not one of those clip-on things. And not just any tie; it had to be the Looney Toons tie. I tied it as small as I could. The knot was as wide as his neck, the tip almost as wide as his tummy. But, hey, he was a big boy now, wearing a big tie like his dad and his brothers!

My dad always kept his ties tied. Tie 'em once and you're done was his motto. At the end of the day he'd loosen his tie, slip it over his head and hang it on his tie rack. Now I see a couple of my boys doing the same thing. But even now, my youngest will come in to borrow one of my ties, even though he's got a decent collection of his own. He just wants to be a big boy.

Thanks to all of my sons who allow me to be their dad! Happy Father's Day!

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