Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Countdown: The Runners-Up

Welcome to the runners-up for 2018! These are those that, for whatever reason, didn't quite make it into the Top Ten but were still favorites among readers, editors... or what have you (see below)!

5. This cartoon from February is the "what have you" portion of our program. Occasionally we have a cartoon that gets hijacked by a bot, or "borrowed" by an online publication without permission. This one was undoubtedly grabbed by a bot — it's an OK cartoon, but was surprisingly dominant statistically. It scrapes its way into the countdown just for that reason alone.

4. Have you ever lived in a missionary apartment? If you have, you totally understand this cartoon!

3. This one from last August is just plain silly. 

2. I have a son serving as a missionary in southern California. One of his areas was a bit affluent, and almost every house had a security camera with a recording device to leave a message. Folks seldom answered the doors, but he got pretty good at teaching the security systems!

1. Choosing the right can be so difficult at times — especially if you're not sure which hand is which!

Be sure to come back Monday as we start the official Top Ten of 2018!

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