Monday, December 31, 2018

The Countdown: The Top Ten, part 1 (10-6)

What we've been waiting for all year! Here's the Top Ten from 2018. Today we examine the first half!

10. Here's another one that snuck in at the end of the year. Everybody loves the tots!

9. There was a series I ran earlier this year, "Hymns for the Road Home." The gags were based on songs that might make the after-work commute just a little less stressful.

8. No. 8 comes from another series, "Halloween Movies for Missionaries." This year was the cleverly titled sequel: "More Halloween Movies for Missionaries."

7. This one was hatched late at night, and my wife and I egged each other on as we worked on the words.

...and rounding out the first five of the Top Ten:

6. We've all been there. It's almost like it was yesterday!

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the Top Ten! Be careful out there tonight!

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