Friday, December 28, 2018

The Countdown: Sketchbook

This has been the most interesting category to follow this year! We have the perennial favorites — General Conference notes — that dominate in every statistical category. It's the default champion. Our countdown looks at the best of the rest. We've had a few surprises this year, too.

5. President Monson Retrospective: Can you believe that it's been a year since Pres. Monson passed away (January 2018)? We've seen so many changes and received so many new challenges that it seems like so long ago!

4. Moroni in Primary: What do you do when your dad compiled the book you're singing about?

3. Light mindedness: We've all been there from time to time; some of us are there a lot more often than others!

2. Stick to the covenant path: There are always distractions when you're on the path. You can pretty much bet that most* of the distractions aren't worth it!

*By most I mean none of them are!

1. Silent Night: This one rocketed to the top of the Sketchbook charts. Sometimes it's timing, sometimes a cartoon captures a particular sentiment. And on occasion, you get both! This may graduate to a full-fledged cartoon next year!

And there you have it — the tops from the Sketchbook from 2018. Tomorrow we take a look at those that almost made it: the runners-up for the year!

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  1. I love the Little Drummer Boy one. I definitely think you should draw it for publication next Christmas.