Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hey! It's another caption contest!

I had this all sketched out quite nicely, and I'd scribbled some words next to it for a caption idea — but it was mostly indecipherable! I thought for sure the idea (or another) would come back to me as I inked and colored it. But, alas!

Please help me out! Give me your best idea for a caption for this. You can comment below, email me, DM, or answer on social media. Heck, you can even tell me in person!

The winner will receive his or her own copy of my cartoon collection, That's one small step for a mom, one giant leap for missionarykind. Truly a valuable prize!

The winner will be announced on Saturday, so please enter early and often!


  1. Why does this happen on fast Sunday?

  2. I almost missed this! I check the comic and catch up/binge at least weekly...but seeing this is getting me to think about changing my mind!

  3. "What's the point of growing big and strong if there's no toy at the bottom?"

  4. "Fast Sunday is tomorrow and I prepared too well...this is the last of the food!"