Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Top Ten: Part I, 10-6

Here is the first part of the Top Ten from 2019!

No. 10
Moroni was a good kid. You might say he was an angel!

No. 9
Our missionaries were asked if they were Christian. Yes, they are — and it's reflected in their d├ęcor. This particular cartoon features our very own Elder Heaton and Elder Lindstrom. What a pair!

No. 8
We often hear the story of what Brigham Young said as the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. What happened in the days before?

No. 7
Turkeys were big this year. Some of them are getting bigger.

No. 6
This first appeared as a Sketchbook last December. It came back in a big way this year!

Tomorrow: the rest of the Top Ten!

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