Thursday, December 26, 2019

Light the World: Let your light so shine

The final Light the World challenge is to continue to let your light shine. The scriptures tell us that Jesus "went about doing good." We can do the same!

Our Scout troop went caving near Mount Adams in southwest Washington. Deep inside Dead Horse Cave is a large cavern. We gathered all of our scouts and leaders in the center and turned out all of our lights.

We were surrounded by a thick darkness — so thick that none of us could see our hands in front of our faces, let alone a glimmer of light.

After one minute, our guide turned on his flashlight.

It felt blinding. The relief felt by the scouts was palpable.

Then everyone turned on his own light. The cavern seemed like it was ablaze.

In the same way, each kind act that we perform is like a small light in the cavern. And if we all share our light — one by one — what a difference we can make in the world!

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