Friday, December 13, 2019

Light the World: Thank a teacher

I had so many wonderful teachers growing up — both at church and at school — that's it's hard to narrow down the list of those who inspired me the most.

In elementary school, there was Miss Speck, Miss Lund and Miss Jarvis (she wore hot pants) who stand out as examples of amazing teachers. In middle school there were Mr. Fernley, Mme Chapman, Mrs. Sorenson and Mr. Chatterton who stood out (among many). In high school it was Mr. Lee, Mrs. Thayne, Ma Baskin, Miss Woodward, Coach Bennion and Mrs. Springer.

When I think of teachers and advisors in church, there are so many! Sis. Windley in Cub Scouts and Primary, Bro. Leishman, Bro. Jeppson, Bishop Kehl, Bishop Mills and Pres. Bangerter, just to name a few.

My favorite teachers, of course, were Mr. and Mrs. Beckstrom, and my current French teacher, Mme Beckstrom — she is amazing!

A huge shout out to all my teachers! They all gave so much of themselves and encouraged me along the way. Bless you all!

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