Friday, May 8, 2020

Burdens to be borne

OK, I think I have officially set a new record for the longest caption for a cartoon anywhere!

Sometimes it seems like we enjoy comparing trials and hardships. It really doesn't make any sense. We're much better off using our energy to count our blessings!

I know this particular gag is a variation on jokes that have been going around on social media, and it would have been more timely a couple of weeks ago (although we're far from out of the woods with COVID-19 yet). But it begs the question: just how much did we know before coming to this point in time?

One last thing. There are a couple of cameos in this cartoon. Can you spot them all?


  1. I believe I see a couple of folks from Good Heavens, and I’m pretty sure that’s Sister Kerry Jo there in the back left. Did I miss any?

  2. Is the guy with the determined look and long hair Brother Brigham?