Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Top Ten: The Runners-Up (plus some bonus material)

Before we hit the Top Ten for 2020, we have the runners-up and a couple that get honorable mentions.

First, the honorable mentions:

The caption contest seemed to hit at a very good time. There were a lot of hilarious entries; this one was the winner.

Cartoonists all over took time out one Sunday in June to say thanks to front line workers. The cartoons incorporated symbols for all the folks on the front lines in facing this pandemic.

Now, for the runners-up — the ones that finished just outside the top ten.

No. 5: I think this one was a big seller because it uses a rare photo of my grandpa that most of my cousins hadn't seen. And I have a lot of cousins!

No. 4: Time took on a whole new meaning this year. Days, weeks and months blended together. There was only one good measure of time: the cookie jar.

No. 3: Ward clerks have faced a huge challenge this year. How do you count sacrament meeting attendance?

No. 2: Raise your hand if you ever heard of Zoom before March. Now we've become experts, and many of us can — and do — conduct Zoom meetings in our sleep.

No. 1: Parents have a new perspective of what it's like to be a teacher. Bless them all!

Tomorrow: part one of the 2020 Top Ten!

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