Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A little reflection at the end of the year

This has been an interesting year in a number of ways. There were a lot of highlights:
A lot of the work I found myself doing took on more meaning — and the pandemic played a big part in a lot of it. With that, here are the top memes from 2020:

No. 4: 2020 was the year of Baby Yoda. 

No. 3: Physical distancing is good. Spiritual distancing, not so much.

No 2: This started out as a sketchbook entry, but there were multiple requests to turn it into something more.

No 1: DMV offices closed as we found ways to provide services while reducing physical contact. The Tolkien Reading Day series emphasized staying home. Boromir added a message for DMV customers (and did I really get away with comparing DMV with Mordor?).

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