Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2021: A look back

In a normal year, this is where we'd take a look at the top memes or other strips. But because we haven't had a normal year for a while, I'm going to focus this look back on things that weren't gags/cartoons.

Coloring Page: This was for one of our projects at work in the Historic Columbia Gorge, where we (the Oregon Department of Transportation) are reconstructing the Mitchell Point Tunnel. We held a coloring contest to go along with the groundbreaking and got quite a few creative entries.

Perspective: Another work assignment, this was part of a leadership seminar. The lesson was on seeing from another person's point of view, and used the old Sufi tale of the wise men and the elephant as an introduction. Elder Uchtdorf used the same story in a devotional, too!

Finally, a meme! A reminder to be safe in work zones, with a Mandalorian twist.

Making book: At long last, I got my Halloween collection to the publisher!

One fast meme: Not really a cartoon, but more of an illustrated saying. A good reminder about fasting.

Come back tomorrow when we revisit the most popular offerings from the Sketchbook!

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